[Smt-talk] Classical Form and Recursion

Thomas Noll noll at cs.tu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 12 15:18:06 PDT 2009

Dear Nicolas,
If you could pardon my misunderstanding, I would like to ask about  
the secondary tonics. If I understand it better now, it is the  
concept of transitivity which turns chord-progressions into the focus  
of the theory rather than simply chords in succession. The  
progression as such can be compared to a transitive verb whose two  
valences are saturated by two chords. From this view point I may  
imagine a strategy to consider higher order dominants as trivalent  
progressions, (or some theoretical derivative). With secondary tonics  
it is harder to me to follow. When a tonic is considered as not  
being  intransitive, what are its constituents then? E.g. Is it a  
progression or a paradigmatic relation between two "tonic" chords  
(without the necessity to appear in sequence)? Is I - vi a  
manifestation of a transitive tonic?

> But I do realize that the term "transitivity", as I use it, may  
> lead to misunderstandings and I will think of abandoning it  
> altogether.

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