[Smt-talk] Music Plagiarism Cases

Daniel Wolf djwolf at snafu.de
Fri Dec 18 06:56:45 PST 2009

The Batt case was not one of plagiarism but rather of failure to pay a  
license for work which Batt himself identified and credited Cage as an  
author.   Useful information about this is available starting here


and following the links in the item.

Daniel Wolf
composer, Frankfurt

On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 15:26:41 +0100, Stephen Guy Soderberg <ssod at loc.gov>  

> The most bizarre (or is it bazaar?) case I know of was when the John
> Cage Trust sued Mike Batt formerly of the Wombies over an album track
> consisting of one minute of silence.  Batt was upfront that it was a
> tribute to Cage, but the Trust claimed plagiarism of 4'33" and sued.
> Probably his mistake was listing the authorship of the track as
> "Batt/Cage" (heh, get it?)  You all probably think I'm making this up,
> but it's easy to search the web for info on this case and a quick
> summary is here: http://www.out-law.com/page-2978.  Evidently Batt
> settled for six figures!!  Well, after all... he DID quote 25% of the
> work note-for-note. 8-P

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