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Dear Mark, Harald and all,
the question is whether the starlings were singing Rakete b together with other segments of the Ursonate before the visit of Schwitters? I think they might have picked it up from the local rocketry enthusiasts.
Ildar Khannanov
Peabody Institute
Johns Hopkins University
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Maybe Schwitters learned the Ursonate from the starlings, rather than the other way round.  


Dr. Mark Janello
Peabody Conservatory
Johns Hopkins University

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> I don't think the Schwitters story is a hoax.  I don't know of any  
> way of verifying it.  The author does cite living ornithologists  
> throughout the booklet (one of whom I have met), so it does give the  
> impression of veracity.
> Harald Krebs
> Dr. Harald Krebs, Professor
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