[Smt-talk] Classical Form and Recursion

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Rick Cohn does this sort of thing in ³Dramatization...² 19thCM 15/3 (1992).


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on 3/25/09 9:20 AM, Dmitri Tymoczko at dmitri at Princeton.EDU wrote:
> It is typically possible to interpret a sequence of symbols recursively.  For
> instance, we could take the sequence
> And group it as follows:
> (ABA)(BAB)(ABA)(BAB) ...
> Then, by asserting that (ABA) "stands for" (or "represents" or "prolongs") A,
> while (BAB) "represents" B, we could come up with a "higher level" version of
> the same pattern
> (Here each symbol stands for 3 symbols in our original.)  We might take this
> to demonstrate that there is recursive structure in our sequence.  It is even
> possible that this sort of procedure could represent a psychologically
> accurate description of the way some particular person perceives or organizes
> the sequence.

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