[Smt-talk] Heinrich Schenker's Pedagogical Influence

Dr. Benjamin Ayotte benjaminayotte at aim.com
Thu May 14 06:34:35 PDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I am launching an informal study that aims to trace the influence of Schenker's teaching among those who are (or were, or intend to be), active in the field of music theory.? I would ask a twofold request: (1) is you have studied with someone who was a student of Schenker (or, more likely, who was a student of a student of Schenker) please let me know. If a former student of yours is making contributions to the field of Schenker studies, I would like to know this; and (2) if you know of any existing literature that examines the influence of Schenker's pedagogy, this will be helpful, too. Thanks much!

Benjamin Ayotte


Dr. Benjamin McKay Ayotte, A. B., Ph. D.
Music Theorist and Historian
Greensboro, North Carolina
benaminayotte at aim.com
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