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Dear Colleagues,

I have already received several comments on my original query; allow me refine it a bit: this regards lineage, pedigree, and dynasty; Doktorväter and Doktorkinder. Have you made a contribution to music theory that is significantly Schenker-oriented (e.g., master's thesis, doctoral dissertation, journal article, book)?  If so, where and with whom did you formally study Schenker's approach? Was it in a classroom or a private situation? To Whom do you look as the source of your knowledge of Schenker and His approach (this may be the same person)?  Have you advised any dissertations or theses that were strongly Schenker-oriented, and, if so, are these Doktorkinder making contributions to the field?

For myself, I studied Schenker's approach in three "Schenkerian Analysis" classes at Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, and Michigan State under Sylvan Kalib, William Lake, and Gordon Sly respectively, who studied with Oswald Jonas, William Rothstein, and Ernst Oster.

I am compiling data on the historical transmission Schenker's approach via a generational approach. For example . . . 

SCHENKER taught Hans Weiise, Felix-Eberhard von Cube, Anthony van Hoboken, Feliz Salzer, Oswald Jonas, Victor Zuckerkandl, Otto Vrieslander, Gerhard Albersheim, and Angelika Elias (and many others).  Many of those named have made significant contributions to the field of music theory through their writing and their teaching. These are the FIRST GENERATION.

SECOND-GENERATION students would then include Edward Laufer, Carl Schacht
er, David Beach, Charles Burkhart, Allen Forte, Sylvan Kalib, and others.

THIRD-GENERATION students would include Timothy Jackson, Gordon Sly, William Rothstein, Wayne Petty, Poundie Burstein, David Carson Berry, and others.

There are, as many will have noticed, some problems with this scheme (e.g., the correct placement of Ernst Oster and multiple teacher-student relationships), but I trust the basic meaning is clear.  I thank you in advance for your help.



Dr. Benjamin McKay Ayotte, A. B., Ph. D.
Music Theorist and Historian
Greensboro, North Carolina
benaminayotte at aim.com
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