[Smt-talk] Early use of a particular augmented-sixth chord

Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu
Sun Nov 8 14:58:11 PST 2009

Dear Charles (and list):

There is a peculiar usage of an augmented sixth going to a minor chord (in
effect, a tonic) in the final Fuga (a 3 soggetti) from Die Kunst der Fuge

In mm. 24-25, an augmented 6th built on bass B flat goes to an A-minor
chord (not the dominant chord with C# that one might expect). This final
fugue is full of harmonic surprises such as this.

By the way, the 1798 example you had in mind was, I presume, in the codetta
of the first movement of Beethoven's Op. 14 no. 1, right?

Best wishes,

Mark Anson-Cartwright
Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Mark.AnsonCartwright at qc.cuny.edu
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