[Smt-talk] The Prog-rock Symphony?

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Many place Sigur Rós in the so-called "post-rock" camp, a genre dominated by
purely instrumental bands.  Some, such as Explosions in the Sky, Six Parts
Seven, The Album Leaf, or Sleepy Eyes of Death keep their song lengths
relatively short.  I suspect you'd be more interested in bands with 10+
minute tracks, or albums composed of very few tracks.  For this, look to
Godspeed! You Black Emporer or Mogwai, both of whom are (in)famous for long,
sprawling track lengths.

Another purely instrumental genre that comes to mind is "noise rock," where
performers often opt for placing their electric guitars on the ground and
using them as tone generators through elaborate effect loops.  I am not as
familiar with specific bands in this genre, (nor the forms they employ)
except for Skullflower (now defunct) and Sunn O))).

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