[Smt-talk] related/minor fields for music theory doctoral candidates

Slottow, Stephen Stephen.Slottow at unt.edu
Sat Oct 10 13:51:02 PDT 2009

Response to my previous question were helpful, so I'm going to ask a second one. At the UNT College of Music, theory doctoral students are required to have a related field (within music) or minor (outside music). Most theory students pick musicology, and they have to take certain courses and exams to fulfill the requirements of the related field or minor.

How common is this? When I was at CUNY, we didn't have to do this. Any feedback about other theory doctoral programs that require related/minor fields (or don't, for that matter), and what the requirements are, would be most helpful in viewing UNT's practices within a broader context. As before, please respond directly to me at stephen.slottow at unt.edu.

Thank you,


Stephen Slottow
Associate Professor of Music
College of Music
University of North Texas

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