[Smt-talk] accelerandi-pieces

Zae Munn zmunn at saintmarys.edu
Mon Oct 12 11:17:21 PDT 2009

I have an electronic piece titled Faster that accelerates continuously from beginning to end over about 6 minutes and on the micro level as well.  Here are notes about it:

Faster was produced in the Bowdoin College Electronic Studio where Munn was a director from 1986-89.  the piece consists of a series of thirty notes played over and over for six minutes, with each successive note slightly shorter in duration than the preceding one, the effect being that of a long, continuous global accelerando.

Mathematician Jay A. Wood, using an infinite series and integral calculus, provided very precise information about the pacing of the notes within this framework.  A smaller accelerando, on a repeated note occurs within each note of the global accelerando and is coupled with a continuous note "flurry" which utilizes the same pitch series as the global accelerando.  Thus, the composition takes on what mathematicians would call a "self-similar nature."

Audio excerpt at:   http://www.zaemunn.com/Electronic.html

...and I'd be glad to send the full recording as an mp3 if it fits into your considerations in any way.

Zae Munn

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