[Smt-talk] the minor/major = sad/non-sad stereotype

luis jure lj at eumus.edu.uy
Fri Oct 2 16:11:47 PDT 2009

on 2009-10-02 at 20:43 MICHAEL MORSE wrote:

> a plug for my personal favourite: Thelonious
> Monk's sublimely hilarious version of "Tea for Two"..

and one of mine: his version of "these foolish things", specially the
trio version for prestige, 1952 i think.

by the way, while perhaps no exactly "sad", i hear "these foolish
things" as definitely not happy, rather melancholic.

but we could say the same of many other standard pop tunes in major key,
like for example "just a gigolo", another vehicle for sublime monk


luis jure
eMe - estudio de música electroacústica

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