[Smt-talk] accellerandi-pieces

MICHAEL MORSE mwmorse at bell.net
Mon Oct 12 05:41:52 PDT 2009

Not sure how large the 'large scale' has to be, but the last movement of Bartók's Music for Strings Percussion & Celesta should count. More briefly, but unforgettably, Survivor from Warsaw.

MW Morse

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> Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 11:53:43 +0200
> Subject: [Smt-talk] accellerandi-pieces
> dear list,
> i am lookink for pieces with large-scaled accellerandi, either  
> incremental (as in carmens 'danse boheme') or stepless, either via  
> tempo-modification or via rhythm-change.
> thanks a lot for help.
> johannes quint
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