[Smt-talk] accelerandi pieces

Jon Wild wild at music.mcgill.ca
Mon Oct 12 07:25:06 PDT 2009


Brian Current, a composer based in Toronto, has written several works that 
feature "perpetual" accelerandi, using a rhythmic analogue to the Shepard 
scale. As the tempo increases smoothly, the subdivisions fade out and the 
hypermetre becomes more and more noticeable. This process is iterated many 
times over, accompanied by changes in notated durations. It happens most 
prominently in "Symphonies in Slanted Time". You can read Brian's 
description of his works in slanted time here:

and here:


Jon Wild
McGill University's Schulich School of Music

On Sun, 11 Oct 2009, Johannes Quint wrote:

> dear list,
> i am lookink for pieces with large-scaled accellerandi, either incremental 
> (as in carmens 'danse boheme') or stepless, either via tempo-modification or 
> via rhythm-change.
> thanks a lot for help.
> johannes quint
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