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Wed Aug 11 05:15:42 PDT 2010

S. Alexander Reed  writes: "Zimmer's score is indeed clever. I always
enjoyed his two note minor third motive in the Batman Begins score, which
seem quite literally to come across as the "beginning" of Elfman's 1989
Batman theme (which, by the way, is awfully close to Amy Beach's Gaelic
Symphony, isn't it?)."

Absolutely.  It may also be a play on the Neal Hefti na-na na-na na-na na-na
(forgive me!) theme tune to the 1960s _Batman_ TV series, which Elfman
himself pastiches for _Men in Black_.  And, if memory serves, isn't the
point at which Nolan's Batman 'becomes' Batman in _Batman Begins_ (the
moment he slays Ducard and finally embraces his fate by killing his
replacement father figure) the point at which Zimmer finally composes out
the harmonic implication of the minor third motif threatened right from the
starrt, i.e. i to VI? 

Beginning, becoming, begat, bat.  Or maybe plain batty.

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