[Smt-talk] Symmetry and Musical Aesthetics

Daniel Wolf djwolf at snafu.de
Fri Dec 10 07:56:02 PST 2010

Morton Feldman's essay "Crippled Symmetry", about the piece with the same  
title, is well worth reading as an example of a compositional aesthetic  
based around symmetries and near-symmetries.  Also, the composer Tom  
Johnson (www.editions75.com) has made many pieces involving rigorously  
symmetrical structures in both time and pitch, including the collection of  
Symmetries (1981-1990) for piano four hands.

Symmetry in music poses interesting compositional and audition  
possibilities as well as challenges as our perception is radically  
asymmetrical, both in terms of time and frequency.

Daniel Wolf
composer, Frankfurt

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