[Smt-talk] Passing and Neighboring 6/4s

Dmitri Tymoczko dmitri at Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 19 11:36:37 PST 2010

> Interesting figures! But to the defence of Aldwell and Schachter, I  
> would like to add that they also state that "a passing 6/4 between  
> IV6 and II6/5 (less often II6) is very frequent." (P. 311, emphasis  
> original.)

Yes, this is another error.  Here are the relevant counts, including  

IV6 -> I6/4 -> IV: 23 times
IV6 -> I6/4 -> ii6: 17 times
IV6 -> I6/4 -> ii6/5: 11 times

Aldwell and Schachter are wrong to say that, given IV6->I6/4->X, ii6/5  
is the most frequent value for X.  In Mozart piano sonatas, it's  
actually the *least* likely value for X, trailing both IV and ii6.


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