[Smt-talk] Passing and Neighboring 6/4s

Steve Haflich smh at franz.com
Tue Jan 19 13:53:30 PST 2010

S. Alexander Reed <alexreed at ufl.edu> wrote:

   So the next question would be: can anyone find any actual examples of
   a 6/4 chord bridging the gap between two chords that, according to the
   conventions of harmonic progression (see Tymoczko's aforementioned
   paper), do not follow one another?

and the clear winner would be the last four measures of number 14 in the
Brahms Op.39 Walzer.  The passage is a climbing bass progression on
scale degrees 1 2 3 4 5

The 1 has a 53, and the 5 has a normal cadential 64 -> 53.  But each of
the 2 3 4 scale degrees is harmonized with a passing 64.  Including the
cadential 64, the passage has four successive 64s.  I can't prove it,
but Brahms must have been conscious of this passing 64 gambit.

I had this example years ago from Christopher Oldfather, who had it IIRC
in turn from Ernst Oster.

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