[Smt-talk] Addendum on Bach

Steven Rosenhaus srosenhaus at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 22 08:46:05 PST 2010

My two cents:

I agree, Paul. I'll go further to say that any composer (whether or  
not that person is also a theorist) does not think like a theorist  
when in the act of composition. That is a generalization, but its  
essence is true. Even writing something according to strict rules,  
creative types by their very nature pick and choose which of those  
rules to follow and to what extent--if the music warrants it. I have  
found that while following rules can make for some exquisite music, it  
can also result in G*d-awfully boring stuff. When I teach the craft of  
composition I make sure the students understand that what they are  
learning are not hard and fast "rules" but practices, and that  
learning them is like knowing where the walls are in an unlit room;  
much easier to push/break down those walls (or just find the light  
switch and/or door, to further the metaphor) if you know where those  
walls are.


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