[Smt-talk] The essence of keyboard harmony in less than two pages? Read on.

Raymond Buhr rjabuhr at gmail.com
Fri May 14 13:59:22 PDT 2010

The claim that keyboard harmony can be summarized in less than two pages strikes me as being of possible interest to music theorists, if for no other reason than to try to shoot it down.  The material may be found in two documents I just posted to www.pianotheoryman.com under  "documents/main documents".  The less-than-2-page summary of the essence of keyboard harmony is in the first of the main documents.  A notational preamble, two examples, conclusions and an appendix bring it up to only 10 pages.  An even shorter companion document  provides a critique of conventional music notation from the perspective of understanding keyboard harmony. 

The website was announced at the beginning of the year to the smt-announce mailing list. Today's posting of revised main documents follows a stimulating email interchange with a music theorist  from this mailing list who visited the website.   He liked the main ideas and challenged me with an example that gave me a "eureka moment", enabling me to  see how to  present their essence more simply and in a manner better attuned to the concerns of trained musicians.

I would welcome comments of any kind, positive or negative.   If anyone knows of other forums in which this material might be publicized or presented, I would be delighted to hear of them.

Incidentally,  the website has an attached blog capability if anyone would like to take that route.  

R.J.A. Buhr
PhD, Cantab (1966)
Retired Full Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (2000)
(neither in music)
Amateur pianist since approximately 1996.
Self-taught  theorizer on keyboard harmony.
San Francisco, CA
rjabuhr at gmail.com 

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