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Thu May 27 13:08:35 PDT 2010

Dear Members of the list,

I want to alert you to the online publication of my latest four articles.

"Domenico Scarlatti and the Hidden Voice Exchange" explores the possibility
that large-scale voice leading progressions such as voice exchanges may
only be hinted at, rather than explicitly stated, owing to circumstantial
exigencies of form, style, rhythm and texture. "Beethoven and Handel: The
Significance of a Borrowing" relates Beethoven's F major Piano Sonata, Op.
54, and especially its etude-like second movement, to Handel's keyboard
Suite in F minor, and especially its Courante. It presents explicit and
hidden thematic rhythmic, formal and structural connections between the two
pieces, leaving little room to doubt (I hope) that Beethoven modeled his
Sonata on Handel's Suite.

"Sequential Expansion and Baroque Phrase Rhythm" (quite different from the
published "Sequential Expansion and Handelian Phrase Rhythm", with examples
from the music of other Baroque composers) addresses the metrical and
rhythmic potential for tonal and temporal enlargement that Baroque
sequences possess to a degree hitherto unsuspected. And "Then and Now:
Heinrich Schenker's Analysis of the Sarabande from Bach's E minor English
Suite" examines Schenker's recondite analytical sketches, housed in the
Oster Collection at NYPL, in an attempt to gauge the many differences that
emerge when we compare Schenker's outlook on a piece with our own.

The four articles are substantially revised versions of conference papers;
the Beethoven and Bach papers were originally presented at the Ottawa
Millennium conference whose proceedings, we know, will not be published.
All four can be found at channanwillner.com/online.htm; the examples look
best when they are printed out.

Comments, as always, are more than welcome.


Channan Willner
Music Division, NYPL
40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York  NY  10023
cwillner at nypl.org

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