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Dear Professor Kostka and the List,
I have had a conversation with the  copyrhight lawyer at the Kompositor Editions in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the same topic. I wanted to add a selection of musical examples to a book. The lawyer was very strict about it and suggested that the publisher would have to sign a special contract with the labels. I wanted to borrow from several labels, therefore, it proved to be impractical. This is an interesting question, though. It seems reasonable nowadays to add some audio files to a printed book. To use Midi versions cannot solve this problem: it can still constitute copyrhight infgingement and the quality of sound does not make it worth publishing.  In my experience, the answer was negative.
Ildar Khannanov
Peabody Conservatory
Johns Hopkins University
solfeggio7 at yahoo.com

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I have a lot of MIDI files (actually in .WAV format now) of examples from my 20th-century book. Most of the music is under copyright. Does anyone on this list know if it is legal for me to share these files? They are almost all snippets -- not entire movements. 


Stefan Kostka
Professor Emeritus
University of Texas at Austin

skostka at aol.com

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