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J. Williams jkwillia at uncg.edu
Thu Sep 30 13:55:44 PDT 2010

We offer a Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy to our DMA students.
Entering DMA students who score at least 80% on our graduate theory
diagnostic exam are invited to audition/interview for admission to the
program. We assess their aural and keyboard skills and may require one or
two semesters of remedial work (1 credit hr. each semester). All certificate
students are required to take four 3-hr. graduate-level theory courses, two
of which must be Pedagogy of Theory and Schenkerian Analysis. They are also
required to complete a practicum which involves teaching one section of
freshman theory and  ear training for a year. Finally, they must include a
member of the graduate theory faculty on their DMA committee.

Our Graduate School has asked for a rationale for the length of time
required to complete this program. If you have a similar program at your
school, I would appreciate a description like that provided above: entrance
requirements, coursework, practicum, etc.  You may send it directly to me,
or if you deem it of general interest, to the entire list.

Best regards,
J. Kent Williams, Ph.D.
Professor and Head, CEMT Dept.
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Greensboro, NC 27402
jkwillia at uncg.edu
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