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Dear Paul, and others,

The answer to your question is extremely simple. A student paper that 
references a Wikipedia article as a source is a paper that has failed, from 
a student that has not yet learned the basics of research and presentation 
of research.

Wikipedia articles are in many cases the best possible entry into a subject. 
After having entered a subject via Wikipedia students need to search und 
present the sources underlying the article. If they do not do it they have 
failed and should not be given credits for their work. Simple as that.


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Dear Colleagues,

Elaphant in the room:  the entries in Wikipedia are anonymnous.  Rhetorical 
question:  don't we demand that our students cite peer-reviewed works?  The 
implications are enormous, involving, e.g., the rules of research by which 
we play.  Far more is at stake than the use value of the entry on 

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