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Gerald's posting reminded me of how ludicrous the pricing of books online can be. My theory text, Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories, sells for $67.66 directly from the publisher. If you check Amazon you can buy a new copy for $83.88 from a number of different sellers unless you want to get a used copy, then it is $175.83! Imagine how I felt when I saw that! I figured this must be a hand-signed copy from the deceased author, but I'm still here!! The same is true of my other books, so it really is caveat emptor. BTW, Textbooks.com is even worse.

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> Last year I noticed on Amazon a long out-of-print book I wanted (by Alexandra Pierce), but for a much-too-high, triple-digit price. I could not imagine it was a true market price (especially as this was not an antiquarian item), so I somehow became inspired to write the seller, directly, a sincere note asking whether he might revise the price to something closer to what in my experience academic folks like me might expect to pay for such a book. I added that I had had known the author personally, which I think didn't hurt.
> The seller was happy to have heard from me, responsive to our shared connection with the book, and genuinely willing to consider my suggestion about the price. We made a sale, and, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.
> Now that our List has been told something about how such astonishingly unrealistic sales prices might arise, I could imagine any such seller might be happy to hear from someone personally, not only to respond to a possible heartfelt plea, but maybe more to the point, to be able to unload, even if at "only" a reasonable price, an item whose listed price would likely never result in a sale.
> At the least, the seller might realize why the item is not moving and lower the price to something that is more marketable -- even if still not perhaps for one's own budget...
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