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I jump at just about any chance to have students read all or part of Cone's Musical Form and Musical Performance, and sometimes his "Three Ways of Reading a Detective Story…" article.  When it's appropriate, Adorno's "On the Problem of Musical Analysis;" Chapter 1 (and sometimes parts of Ch. 2) of Rothstein's Phrase Rhythm in Tonal Music; Schoenberg's Fundamentals (the early chapters on motive, especially), and, sometimes, the Introduction of Treitler's Music and the Historical Imagination.  A Dahlhaus essay on form, he name of which I'm blanking on right now; I'll send it when it shows itself.

I too am eager to know what you might be brewing — do tell!

Hali Fieldman, Ph.D.
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Conservatory of Music and Dance
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Subject: [Smt-talk] Reading for Master's Students

Dear collective wisdom,

I’m trying to compile a list of readings for students just beginning to explore the many aspects of the field of music theory.  The readings would be on the beginning graduate level and would include two categories: (1) introductions to the various sub-disciplines and (2) “classic” essays that one should know, such as Lewin’s phenomenology article. Even given the enormity of publications, I am hoping to compile 12 to 20 articles or book chapters that show the breadth and depth of our world.

Feel free to suggest as many readings as you wish, though I’d prefer to know those you feel are most important first!

Many thanks,


 Deborah Stein
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