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Great idea. In addition to what has already been suggested:

**Something by Tovey, perhaps "Musical Form and Matter" from The Main Stream of Music

**Ben Boretz's "In Quest of the Rhythmic Genius", PNM Stravinsky memorial issue, 1971

**William Mitchell "Chord and Context in 18th-Century Theory" JAMS 1963

**Carl Schachter's review of Free Composition, JMT 1981

**Richmond Browne's diatonic set piece from ITO, vol. 4 (I believe)

Of course, something else by Cone (whose Detective Story/Brahms piece is already in your Engaging Music collection); my personal favourites are:

**"Beyond Analysis", PNM 1967, and

"*"100 Metronomes", The American Scholar 1977

Finally, it would seem to be essential to include something by Schenker, but it's hard to come up with something that could stand on its own without being so technical as to be opaque to non-specialists. Perhaps, "Away with the Phrasing Slur!"?

Hope this is helpful, or at least provocative.

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