[Smt-talk] Sight singing: real-time pitch evaluation software?

Patrick Tuck patrick.tuck at ucumberlands.edu
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Dear list,

I have used Smartmusic in studio lessons, clinics, and workshops for years and was among the first certified retail sales representatives in Canada for its predecessor - Vivace (back when I did such things for a living). Smartmusic is unique in its abilities to listen to and assess performance and to allow the professor to check its work.

Students can submit not just grades - but also the accompanying mp3 recordings! When I demonstrate the software to my classes, Smartmusic still on occasion misses the odd voice pitch through the internal mic on my Mac. The accompanying recording allows the professor to check its work and adjust grades accordingly. I have found Smartmusic to be no more than one note off per exercise. Most of the time it is bang on! The other plus to the recording is that student A is much less likely to do the work of students B,C, and D as the professor should recognize the voice on the recording. Training students to use the software is aided by the fact that applied music faculty may already be using it. 

The educator version also comes with a grade book feature that I have not yet used. I am told that you can create a variety of assessments on this grade book, not just Smartmusic.



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SmartMusic http://www.smartmusic.com/ can evaluate performance in real-time, not only of many instrumental scores and sight-singing materials in their library but also of any custom examples you wish to create using Finale.  New developments in the sight-singing interface have made its assessment of vocal input excellent.  The notation of a sight-singing melody, originally displayed in black, is marked immediately following a student's performance— correct notes are displayed in green and errors (both pitch and rhythm) in red.
Jana Millar
Baylor University

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Subject: [Smt-talk] Sight singing: real-time pitch evaluation software?

Dear list,
Given the current state of music games such as Guitar Hero, Garage Band
and others which incorporate real-pitch detection and evaluation from microphone
input, I was wondering if similar functionality can be found in music instruction
softwares. What I am looking for is real-time graphic feedback based on expected
pitches from a monophonic MIDI file (is, a simple sight-singing exercise).
Thanks in advance,
Fernando Rauber
Assistant professor
Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil
frauber at uol.com.br<mailto:frauber at uol.com.br>
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