[Smt-talk] Blog book

Victor grauer victorag at verizon.net
Sun Feb 20 13:48:34 PST 2011

Sorry, but I have to announce yet another Victor Grauer blog. This 
time it's actually a book disguised as a blog -- or vice versa maybe. 
It's not about music theory, but contains materials that theorists 
might find interesting, especially in Chapter One -- and Appendix A, 
which can be accessed from Chapt. 1. Here's the link: 

Appendix A, which gets pretty technical, is actually very rich in 
analytic materials of a sort that might appeal to anyone with an 
interest in ethnomusicological analysis. I'd love to get some 
feedback from theorists regarding some of the issues raised therein.

The rest of the book is non-technical and aimed at the general reader 
-- and will, I think, be of interest to anyone here, or their 
friends, relatives or children, with an interest in anthropology, 
archaeology, genetics, or the Out of Africa model of early human 
history. Not to mention non-western music, which plays a major role. 
Please check it out.

The blog format might also interest any of you with a book you'd like 
to see published, but can't find a publisher for. The Preface 
contains a long meditation on this issue, complete with reasons why I 
decided to self-publish  and why I chose the blog format (which might 
be a first).

Thanks for your indulgence.

Victor Grauer, Pittsburgh PA, USA

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