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Dear Max, 

Johann Spangenberg's 1536 "Quaestiones musicae" seems to use the term in
the sense you describe.  The Latin text is available here:
http://www.chmtl.indiana.edu/tml/16th/SPANQUA_TEXT.html (under the section

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On 11/1/11 10:12 AM, "Massimiliano Guido" <guido.massimiliano at gmail.com>

>Dear list,
>does anybody know about late (i.e. sixteenth century) occurrences of the
>term coniuncta in treatises? I'm referring specifically to what Tinctoris
>defined in Terminorum musicae diffinitorium, as Œthe making of an
>irregular tone where a semitone should be, or vice versa; the placing of
>a flat or natural sign in an irregular place; the immediate joining of
>one note after another.¹
>Thanks for help and best wishes!
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