[Smt-talk] Figured bass query - Bach/Schemelli no. 5.

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Fri Nov 11 06:28:01 PST 2011

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011, éåñé âåìãðáøâ Yosef Goldenberg <geyeni at netvision.net.il> 

> I wish to find out whether the attached realization is correct. The 5 and 6
> numbers are signed with diagonal lines in opposite directions. I received
> conflicting comments, endorsing e-f, e-f sharp or e flat – f sharp. Do the
> opposite directions imply opposite chromatic inflections, or do both
> represent sharpenings?

Hi Yosef,

I think the slashes used in the example are conventional notation, and don't 
represent anything unusual.  They indicate raised half-tones: E natural 
followed by F sharp (I don't believe the f natural in your example is correct).

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