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Charles J. Smith cjsmith at buffalo.edu
Fri Nov 25 14:18:32 PST 2011

Thanks to Keith for this reference, which I did not know. One small  
correction: Bettsylynn Goldwire's DMA thesis is actually not that hard  
to locate. It is available through ProQuest; the full text is  
accessible as a PDF download.

No point in my copying the URL that I came up with, since it goes  
through the UB gateway. Anyone with access to the ProQuest Digital  
Dissertations database should have no trouble locating it.

And indeed it looks useful and interesting, if only because of the  
plethora of examples cited.


On Nov 22, 2011, at 6:33 PM, Salley, Keith wrote:

> I believe you'll find references to this harmony as a 'Russian  
> augmented sixth' in Bettsylyn Dunn Goldwire's (DMA)  nearly  
> impossible-to-find dissertation. If I'm not mistaken, Rimsky- 
> Korsakov used it before Scriabin did (but don't tell you-know-who).  
> Here's the citation:
> Goldwire, Bettsylynn Dunn. 1984. Harmonic Evolution in the Piano  
> Poems of Alexander Scriabin. D.M.A. thesis, The University of Texas  
> at Austin.


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