[Smt-talk] N 6/4 in Beethoven Correction

Steve Mathews steven.d.mathews at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 14:59:06 PDT 2011

Dear List,

For Beethoven's sake (and ours), I would do him a disservice if I did not
correct a previous post.

In Op. 60/ii, the neighbor motion in the bass (cf. mm. 31 and 86) of
^4--^5--^4 is not realized as "ii6--I6/4--ii6" as stated earlier. Indeed,
Beethoven does not return to ii6 but transforms ^4 into a chordal seventh
(V4/2) in order to proceed to the third of the prolonged Edim7 chord
(vii*7/ii). The ^4 that supports ii6 does return, though in a lower octave,
following this diminished seventh chord intensification as the Essential
Closes are approached.

Steven D. Mathews
PhD Student in Music Theory
University of Cincinnati - CCM
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