[Smt-talk] Music and Philosophy Interest Group -- 2 events at SMT 2011

Brian Kane brian.kane at yale.edu
Fri Oct 14 14:30:30 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

The Music and Philosophy Interest Group is proud to present two events  
at SMT 2011 in Minneapolis.

Friday, October 28, 5-7 PM: Business Meeting

At our business meeting we'll be discussing Veit Erlmann's new book,  
Reason and Resonance, in particular the chapters on Descartes and  
Helmholtz (Chapters 1 and 6). We'll hear two position papers: Ben  
Steege (SUNY Stonybrook), "'Reasonating': reflections on Veit  
Erlmann's historiography of aurality" and Amy Cimini (Penn),  
""Resonance, Friendship and Descartes' Musical Secret". If you want to  
read some relevant excerpts from Erlmann's book, email me off list for  
a pdf.

Friday, October 28, 8-11 PM: Special Evening Session: "The Voice:  
medium or mediation?"

We've sponsored an exciting panel on the voice, with papers ranging  
from the Baroque to contemporary film theory. Here's the lineup:

André Redwood (Yale University), "Beyond Mechanics: Voice as Mediator  
in the Harmonie Universelle"
Jonathan De Souza (University of Chicago), "Rousseau, Stiegler, and  
the Technical Mediation of Voice"
Christopher M. Barry (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "A Cinematics  
of the Lyric Song-Subject"
Clara Latham (New York University),"Rethinking the Intimacy of Voice  
and Ear: Intimacy, Affect, and Pleasure in the Discourse of Hysteria"

Please direct any questions about these events, or any other Music and  
Philosophy Interest Group business, to brian.kane at yale.edu.

See you Minneapolis,
Brian Kane

Brian Kane
Assistant Professor
Department of Music
Yale University

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