[Smt-talk] Female theorists in history

art samplaski agsvtp at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 16 12:35:26 PDT 2011

With respect, I think that Michael Morse's reply was a bit too
much. Absolutely fersure, any such paper will:

> Isn't the conclusion already written? The theorist-to-be-named
> is a. brilliant of course and a right-on sister; b. deliberately
> neglected or obscure because of patriarchal oppression.

It would be nice and a useful service, though, if a methodologically
sound study were out there as a reference so the rest of us will
at least have a name or two.

The real problem, as already mentioned, is the need to know Latin
(or Ancient Greek--the only dead female theorist I can come up
with OTTOMH is Ptolemai:s of Cyrene, who only survives in a couple
of fragments quoted by Porphyry--although if anyone can plough
through all of Athanaeus' _Deipnosophistai_ there might be another
one hiding somewhere...). John doesn't mention what level his student
is--for anything short of a Ph.D. candidate who has _reaaally_ secure
Classics chops, the topic is going to be, ahh, contraindicated on
impracticality--never mind lack of source material.:)

If anybody can come up with names, I for one would love to hear
them and what they wrote on (and not just because I'm working on
a book on the subject!:):)--the part about neglect/persecution/
whatever by the male hierarchy I know already and don't need to
reread specifics.:)

Art Samplaski
Ithaca, NY

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