[Smt-talk] Fingers

Steve Laitz slaitz at esm.rochester.edu
Sun Sep 11 10:39:20 PDT 2011

Since Charles Smith opened that can of campy cinema that features music and
musicians, I recommend the late-1970¹s film ³Fingers² starring Harvey
Keitel.  Suffice it to say, Keitel¹s curious character‹one Jimmy
Angelelli‹is not only a hypersensitive yet cold-blooded killer for hire, but
also a fine pianist (like so many films that feature the music of Bach,
³Fingers² is no exception:  the dense counterpoint aptly underscores the
great thought that goes into Jimmy¹s complex planning of his next hit.  Oh,
and there¹s more to the film, including the fact that his addiction to
violent sex occasionally gets in the way of his day jobs.

Steve Laitz
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