[Smt-talk] Performance DB?

Soderberg, Stephen ssod at loc.gov
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I realize this is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but you and others may find this of interest: http://memory.loc.gov/diglib/ihas/search?query=nicholas+kitchen&view=thumbnail&sort=titlesort

Still, you might want to contact Nick Kitchen re your project since he might be interested in a collaboration & you could get exactly what you want -- he's one of the most tech-savvy fiddlers I know of.


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I'm looking for collections of midi-recorded (or otherwise symbolically
encoded) performed pieces,
in particular the Bach cello suites/violin sonatas + partitas, as performed by high-level musicians. Any ideas?

There's so much performance research going on you'd think materials would simply be out there but I'm coming up blank.

best wishes,

-- eliot

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