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Sat Apr 28 14:24:10 PDT 2012

Dear Jennifer and list,

The JMTP website has had a few implementation delays, but we are in the 
final stages of testing and expect to go live in May. We are still 
gladly accepting submissions including e-articles (more compact, 
media-rich counterparts to the Journal's print articles) video teaching 
demonstrations, sample analyses, syllabi, assignments, and any other 
resources that may be helpful for theory teachers at all levels, 
including high school, undergraduate and graduate. All submissions are 
peer-reviewed, and the author retains all rights.

Contributors will be soon able to submit materials through the website, 
but if you are interested in contributing in the meantime, or if you 
have questions, please send your materials to me at 
ysumusictheory at gmail.com.  I will forward them to the rest of the 
editorial board.

Best wishes,

Dr. Jena Root
Assistant Professor, Music Theory Coordinator
Youngstown State University
Bliss Hall 3149
jroot at ysu.edu

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> Colleagues,
> The open-access and web-based ideas being discussed on this thread are exciting, indeed. As I understood it, this was part of the function of the new theory pedagogy website being created under the auspices of the Gail Boyd DeStwolinski Center and the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy; Press release: http://www.choralnet.org/view/297880 Any updates on that project?
> Don't you also think, though, that part of the reason we create new materials when we teach (regardless of what we think of our institution's textbook situation) is because creating those materials helps us organize our own pedagogy and thinking on a topic? That is, creating at least some of the materials is an essential part of preparing to teach.
> Jennifer
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> I don't wish to repeat what others have said, endorsing open-access theory
> material.  This year alone, several institutions have announced open-access
> respositories where they expect all their faculty to place their publications.
> (Some institutions prohibit faculty from signing contracts that give a
> periodical exclusive rights to an article.)
> I think this is a truly great opportunity for SMT to get in early and
> function as an aggregator of open-access writings on music theory.  Those
> associated with an institution will most likely be required to deposit their
> writings in their respective institutional repositories.  But if they know to
> notify SMT of their work, SMT can link to it from its own (future) "Directory
> of Open-Access Writings on Music Theory."
> It's potentially a wonderful thing, and I hope some members of the Society can
> make it a reality.  That in turn, might welcome and encourage members to
> submit their own alternatives to textbooks.
> Bob Kosovsky, Ph.D. -- Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts,
> Music Division, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
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