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Robert Samuels robert.samuels at open.ac.uk
Tue Dec 4 05:05:26 PST 2012

Colleagues interested in this topic may like to look at our 
introduction to music theory module. It is open to all free of 
charge, and we recommend it to students who come to study with us but 
have no formal music education experience:


The undergraduate and postgraduate modules we offer also have 
significant online components, as part of a blended tuition strategy 
using print materials and tutor-led interaction.

Robert Samuels
Head of Department, Music
The Open University, UK

At 03:45 29/11/2012, Isaacson, Eric J wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>We would be interested in hearing about the experiences you or your 
>institutional colleagues have had with online teaching in music. Our 
>interest is not limited to music theory, but could encompass music 
>history, music education, other academic areas, as well as 
>performance studies. We are NOT interested in speculative critiques 
>of the idea of online education (we are perfectly capable of 
>conjuring these ourselves!), but rather in real-world stories from 
>the trenches. Responses might address:
>    * What subject was taught?
>    * Who was the target population?
>    * Was it an online adaptation of an existing course or designed 
> for online delivery?
>    * Was the course wholly online or blended?
>    * What technolog(ies) were involved?
>    * Is there any statistical or anecdotal information about the 
> course's effectiveness, efficiency, etc., from the perspective of 
> the students? The instructor?
>Best wishes,
>Eric J. Isaacson
>Director of Graduate Studies, Assoc. Professor of Music Theory
>Gretchen Horlacher
>Assistant to the Dean for Research and Administration, Assoc. 
>Professor of Music Theory
>Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

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