[Smt-talk] Inquiry about Capiatl versus Lowercase Roman Numerals Usage

Joel Galand galandj at fiu.edu
Mon Dec 10 09:28:29 PST 2012

Dear Dimitar (and others):

I use only upper-case, plus figured-bass, which I tend to put on a different system than the RNs, instead of using figures as superscripts following the RN.   I do this for all the predictable reasons (not all figured-bass symbols denote inversion; not all figured-bass events "merit" an RN; etc.)

In short, I find it preferable conceptually to separate the harmonic scale step currently in play (shown with the RN) from modal quality (shown with the key signature and figured-bass accidentals) and voice-leading (shown in the figured bass).

When I was a student (Yale, 1980s), the system I am describing seemed to be gaining currency--Allen Forte had used it in his undergraduate textbook (TONAL HARMONY IN CONCEPT AND PRACTICE), as did Aldwell & Schachter in their then brand-new text, and as did most Schenkerians.  

>From informal conversations at conferences, I have gathered the impression that many of my fellow Yale alums have abandoned this "Viennese" model and gone back to the upper/lower-case notation, which can now be found even in textbooks by authors who probably would describe themselves as Schenkerians. I can see some pedagogical value in doing that (helps undergrads remember, at the early stages, what is major, what is minor, and what is diminished), as well as a practical value (my department gets a lot of transfers from various public junior colleges--and as you can imagine, some those students freak out when they are suddenly confronted with a very different way of doing things).  I'll have to give all of this some thought--some day when I have time to think!  


Joel Galand
Associate Director for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies
School of Music
Florida International University

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Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone teach harmonic analysis with capital RN only, the key signature suggesting the size of the chords?

Although I apply the mixed system at Texas Stet (because of the policy of the school) I prefer the capital numerals for they look neater and more uniform (in the good sense of the word). But I was curious to see the scale of its usage in the US. I also think American students should be acquainted with both systems for reference.

Thank you.

With best wisehs,


Dr. Dimitar Ninov, Lecturer
School of Music
Texas State University
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