[Smt-talk] Perfect pitch and aging

Huron, David huron.1 at osu.edu
Tue Feb 7 10:17:27 PST 2012

It's well-known that people with perfect pitch experience an
upward pitch-shift with age.  Typically, by around 55 years of age
a C sounds like a C#, and by 65 a C tends to sound like a D.

I wonder if this is a universal experience or whether there are
people with perfect pitch -- older than 60 -- who have NOT experienced
an upward pitch shift.

I'd appreciate people writing to me to convey their experiences regarding
age and AP.  I'll post a summary if I receive enough responses.

David Huron
huron.1 at osu.edu

David Huron
Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor
School of Music & Center for Cognitive Science
Ohio State University

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