[Smt-talk] Let the list thrive! [+ my missing signature -- sorry]

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Wed Feb 15 07:47:21 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I can't imagine what our Society's talk-list is for, if not sharing 
whatever we want, within respect, with its members. No member's 
posting is denied placement or readability due to list traffic on 
other topics, and one's Inbox is only as cluttered as one allows it 
to be.

For those annoyed by continual arrivals of posts on subjects they 
then discover not of interest, I think subscribing instead to the 
digest version is an excellent idea. I would also suggest, though, 
that none of us should feel that the list is not for us to use, to 
share ideas or interact with ideas on any subject whatever, as long 
as it's somehow related to SMT's aims.

I admit that my eyes glaze over a bit when the subject line includes 
chord labeling -- and yet it is an interesting subject (however 
"politically incorrect" it may have become). I imagine once I have 
time to read more than the few ongoing "6/4"-posts I've read so far 
(maybe in May!), I'll find some of them interesting and informative 
as usual -- and perhaps be impressed by their passion, too.

Let's let the list thrive!



Gerald Zaritzky
Faculty, Department of Music Theory
New England Conservatory of Music
290 Huntington Avenue (Room SB 305)
Boston, Massachusetts 02115  USA
gerald.zaritzky at necmusic.edu

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