[Smt-talk] truncated theory for Music BA

Zae Munn zmunn at comcast.net
Thu Feb 16 11:31:36 PST 2012

I am seeking models for a Music BA in which the theory requirement is  
limited to one semester of fundamentals plus 2 semesters of theory,  
while the Music BM (Music Ed) would require fundamentals plus 3  
semesters of theory.  So all music majors would proceed together for  
the first 3 semesters, then the Music Ed students only would continue  
on to a 4th semester.

This is a new and somewhat worrisome concept to me, but I have a  
directive to develop such a program.  I would appreciate hearing from  
those of you who have experience with such differentiated programs, as  
well as from those of you who have either positive or negative views  
of the concept itself.

I am not convinced that I can create a reasonable 3-semester sequence  
beginning at "this is a whole note" and ending with some sort of  
knowledge of 20th c. analysis. And, even if that is possible, what  
would the 4th semester group move on to?

Please reply to me: Zae Munn, zmunn at comcast.net

If there is sufficient interest I will be happy to summarize responses.

Thanks, Zae Munn
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN

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