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Joshua Albrecht albrecht.89 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Wed Feb 22 07:52:27 PST 2012

Dear collective wisdom,

I'm interested in some of the most expressive moments in Beethoven's piano sonatas.  What are some of your favorite excerpts that you feel express the most powerful emotions? Any emotion is fine (joy, sorrow, agitation, passion, jealousy, etc.), but ideally it would be an exemplar of that emotion.  If you would like to share your favorite moments, please pass on the Sonata number (or Op. number), which movement it is, in what measures it happens, and what emotions you feel that it represents.

For example, I find the opening of the sonata No. 26 (Op. 81a, "Les adieux") to be very moving.  The C minor triad seems to exude a mournful, resigned spirit after the Eb-G of the first sonority and the Bb-F open fifth almost establish Eb major.  Or, I've always found the "E" major modulation in ms. 42-44 in the second movement of the Pathétique to exhibit an almost paradoxical joyful, resolved feeling that is yet colored by the agitation and unease expressed by the dense, insistent triplet chordal figures underneath the melody.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Joshua Albrecht, ABD
School of Music
Ohio State University
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