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Wed Feb 15 11:38:11 PST 2012

On Wed, 15 Feb 2012, Dimitar Ninov <dn16 at txstate.edu> wrote

> We all talked about the "cadential six-four" which refers to a single 
> structure - the 6/4 portion of a supposed dominant complex I6/4-V or 
> V6/4-V5/3. But our colleagues who supported the full dominant function at the 
> very beginning of this complex, kept calling the cadential six-four 
> "V6/4-5/3".

Firstly, when speaking about one's beliefs, it's probably a good idea never to 
use the "royal we" (e.g. "We all talked") as if all of us are in agreement 
about the same thing.  Phrases such as "I believe" or "I think" are usually 
the best way to express ideas that may not be shared with everyone you're 
speaking to.

> No, we are speaking of the 6/4 portion only - the one which they call "a 
> dominant with suspensions"! V5/3 which follows V6/4 is not a dominant with 
> suspensions, therefore, it should not be used as an argument when we test the 
> qualities of the 6/4 structure!

Again, it's not "we" but rather "you" who is speaking of the 6/4 portion 
only.  There are those of us who refuse to separate it as a separable structure 
- because we regard the entity as a single structure.

It would be nice if those who disagree (and I acknowledge there will 
always be those tho disagree) would respect our beliefs, just as we respect 
yours. Minimally that entails refraining from personal characterizations of 
people with whom you disagree.  But it also means accepting people and their 
belief despite the fact that you may never agree with them.  Hyperbolic claims 
of disbelief are not helpful when interacting with others.

Personally speaking, nothing anyone has said so far has convinced me to abandon 
my use of V 6/4-5/3.  Rather than try to convince people one way or another, 
I think it might be more productive to investigate the characteristics of the 
sonority (perhaps adducing more examples), rather than try to characterize 
those people whose theory about it may not be in accord with others' beliefs.

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