[Smt-talk] Subdominant versus Predominant

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 Dear Dimitar,

The analysis of syntax in general and of harmonic syntax in particular amounts to the investigation of the interplay of its paradigmatic and syntagmatic aspects. 

> Only that we must not forget that harmonic syntax does not exist without a tonal center (T) to which all functions relate. Sequential order or not, it is governed by the tonic.

The governing function of a tonic is a paradigmatic aspect. Its final position in a given harmonic sequence is a syntagmatic aspect.

> In other words, the question "Which function is typically placed before a dominant chord" will receive the answer: "The subdominant function as expressed by IV and II). 

That's a proper syntactic statement, which describes an interdependency between a syntagmatic issue (order of harmonies in a sequence) and a paradigmatic issue (constellation of harmonic functions and keys).
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