[Smt-talk] Subdominant versus Predominant - FINIS

kos at panix.com kos at panix.com
Mon Feb 27 09:34:00 PST 2012

This thread has been revealing to an extent, but at this time I would like to 
call an end to it.  It has been too much a repetition of ideas with no evidence 
of modifying or working deeper to find anything new.

This should be a lesson to us all:  that one should not be out to change 
people's minds because no amount of repetition will effect such a change.

Although only a small number of subscribers post to the list, too many postings 
from a single subscribers can be interpreted as an attempt at monopolization.

When engaged in a thread, I urge all those who post to think twice as to 
whether they really need to send as many messages as they do.  One should 
resist the temptation to respond immediately, but collect one's thoughts and 
meditate on them, posting perhaps once at the end of the day.

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