[Smt-talk] Theory impacting performance

Eric Knechtges eric.t.knechtges at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 11:15:38 PDT 2012

Dear collective wisdom,

This is an incredibly broad question (and non-specific on purpose), so I'll
gladly accept any and all suggestions you would like to send.
I'm interested in specific examples of where a specific theoretical
understanding of a piece of music has a direct and audible impact on one's
interpretation of that piece in performance, especially in situations
involving some ambiguity.  This could manifest itself on any level.  If
this could be supported by references to different recordings showcasing
competing interpretations, even better.  My goal is to stimulate discussion
among my undergrads about valuation and evaluation of different
interpretations, and why analysis is an important piece of forming a
personal (and "correct") interpretation.

Please feel free to take whatever tack you wish in responding. Even if you
don't know of any accompanying recordings, anything is welcome! I'd like to
focus on examples in purely instrumental music, but vocal music excerpts
are certainly welcome as well.

Thank you!

Eric Knechtges, DM
Assistant Professor of Theory/Composition
Northern Kentucky University
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