[Smt-talk] Kholopov, "Zadaniya po garmonii" (1983)

Zachary Cairns cairnsz at umsl.edu
Thu Jul 5 03:30:09 PDT 2012

Dear Collective Wisdom,

Does anyone out there have a copy of Yuri Kholopov's 1983 book "Задания по
гармонии" (transliterated in the subject of this message, in case my
Cyrillic letters don't survive the journey from my outbox...)?  I need to
verify a quote taken from that book, but I do not have a copy.  And,
unfortunately, I am unable to travel to Glasgow to view what WorldCat tells
me is the only available copy of the book.

Please reply off-list.
Thank you!

(PS - Just to be clear, I am not looking for Kholopov's 1988 book

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