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There is a Mazda 1, though; in Europe, it's known as the Mazda Ursatz, "the car of nature."

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Re: [Smt-talk] Car names

We recently bought a Mazda 5, obviously a reference to scale degree numbers. We also liked the Mazda 3, and found it difficult to decide between the two. (The company does not make a Mazda 8, perhaps
 it should.)

Curiously, the car does equally well uphill and downhill.


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> What do you all make of the latest trend of Asian car manufacturers naming

> their cars after musical terms?


> We already have Hyundai's "Sonata" and "Accent" (two of my own major areas of 

> research).  Then there's Kia's "Rondo."  And just today I read about a new 

> electric car from China named "Coda."  (I suppose a "Cadence" can't be too far 

> in the future.)  


> Clearly there's a prestige factor associated with music in Asia that doesn't 

> seem to resonate with North American or European makers.  


> Have I missed others?  


> Wishing you all a pleasant summer!


> Bill



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