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Dear Colleagues,
Thanks for all who provided input and questions on criterion-referenced grading (or "standards-based" grading) when I sent forth my initial message in March. I promised a few of you replies once the semester had finished with information about how things shaped up after a whole semester, and some others may be interested in seeing how things panned out at the end of the term. I've put together a few blog posts this week recapping various aspects of the courses and outlining some potential improvements to the system for next year. Links are below for any who are interested. I'm happy to reply on smt-talk or direct email, but I'd appreciate if the bulk of the discussion can take place on the blog where non-SMT folks can participate in the discussion as well. Thanks!

General thoughts after a full semester: http://kris.shaffermusic.com/wordpress/first-semester-with-criterion-referenced-grading-general-recap/
Data on student assignment completion: http://kris.shaffermusic.com/wordpress/data-on-student-engagement-with-criterion-referenced-grading/
Student feedback: http://kris.shaffermusic.com/wordpress/student-feedback-on-criterion-referenced-grading/
All posts on criterion-referenced grading: http://kris.shaffermusic.com/wordpress/tag/criterion-referenced-grading/

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On Mar 12, 2012, at 8:37 PM, Shaffer, Kristen wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I've incorporated a form of criterion-referenced grading this semester for my theory and aural skills courses, and so far it seems to be an improvement from the traditional weighted-average approach. I wrote a blog post about what we're doing and things I've observed as a result. If you're interested in reading about what we're doing at CSU, or have experiences (positive or negative) with criterion-referenced grading, please visit the post and consider leaving a comment: http://kris.shaffermusic.com/wordpress/criterion-referenced-grading/.
> I'm anxious to hear from others who have tried criterion-referenced grading, or some aspects of it, in music courses. Everything I've been able to find to read about it so far has been from other fields. (Though a couple aspects of what I've instituted were inspired by the way things were done when I was studying music at Lawrence and Yale.)
> Best,
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